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Fearful is a first person puzzle prototype with horror elements in which you must face your childhood fears in order to advance and grow.

Light will guide you through the journey of personal growth, as you use it to solve puzzles and defeat monsters.

This is a result of a 2-month prototype for lectures and thus not a complete experience. Enjoy!

Besides Macbuilds there is also a Dark Alternative Build, that has less bright lighting and ColorCorrection, but offers a different experience.
The regular version is recommended for accessibility, but feel free to check it out!

Created by :
Wolf Niedermark (Mechanics)
Giulia Pratillo (Art, Fx)
Merlin Himmelheber (Art)

Supervised by Jörg Friedrich for BTK Rapid Prototyping 2017

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, demo, First-Person, Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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i enjoyed playing this had me feeling like something was going to pop out at me i really liked the mechanics of the game

This has an interesting concept and it's weirdly creepy. I definitely think it should be a full game.

Does anyone know what the specs requirements are?

The game looks cool!!! If you want I can write some music for you, if you're interested ;)

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! The concept it solid and even adds more "creepy factor" to the gameplay. Although this is just a demo there are plenty aspects to explore and find.


I had a chance to play though this game and give it a review. It's definitely raw, but that's to be expected from a prototype. I give a full review at the end of the gameplay, so I hope you have a watch and enjoy what you see and hear. Thank you! :)


This is quite an enjoyable game to play, although the controls need a little fixing as well as the jumping mechanism. But despite that, great job on the game. Just wish there is more to it and a little story about it. :)


Hiya! here's my play of this game


I enjoyed the concept of the game. A couple nitpicks are there. Like the whole low gravity moon bounce jump mechanic and, some objects you think you can jump on them but, you slide right off. I was hoping for a thanks for playing at the end instead of just falling into an abyss! lol It's a great demo though!


I loved this game and gave it a try please let me know if you plan on adding more or anything like that game was great I hope you keep up the great work. Hopefully my playthrough is good and I didn't mess up too bad.



I had som minor bugs during the gameplay and the ending is a little unclear. 
Though this game has great potential and I still had a good experience while playing. I like how everyday objects turn in to monsters in the darkness, that was a really cool feature. 


Some wierd things were happening in my playthrough, but here's my video: 


I don´t want to shame the game but the general game mechanics (that may have some good original ideas here and there) are not working well. Low gravity toddler jumps are weird and the goal of the game is unclear. A lot of work has to be done. 


To say "this game is retarded" and "the worst game ever" about an unfinished project is beyond irrisponsible and rude. If this truly is the worst game you've ever played, you must have played either very few games, or only excellent and completed projects. And to express your subjective experience and preferences of the game mechanics and the game as a whole as objective is absolutely rediculous. I'm sure the creator appreciates your attempt at constructive criticism ("Low gravity toddler jumps are weird and the goal of the game is unclear"), but if you're going to make posts like this, please put in a little effort. This kind of post isn't good or useful for the creator, the community, or anyone.



Is there an ending to the game?  because once I got to the teddy on the edge at the wall he just does nothing and there is an abyss.


So, not bad overall, but it seems like there is more potential than execution . The atmosphere is solid, dark, creepy and oppressive, the setting is perfect and the low point of view adds to it and the low-poly style generally suits what's going on. The music is nice and the mechanics are decent, but they don't quite feel as fleshed out as they could be, and since the whole game relies on them it leads to some clunky moments. The biggest detractor me is that the environment feels unfinished. Clipping textures, rooms of empty void and hallway and one cluttered room, what was there looked good but there was so little of it. I know this was a short term student project and for that I'll say good work to all of you, just wanted to give my thoughts.

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! The concept it solid and even adds more "creepy factor" to the gameplay. Although this is just a demo I ENCOUAGE there to be more...MUCH MORE! 

DEVELOPER, if you are reading this...contact me! I love your game and want to support it anyway I can!


Sadly, we cannot afford to further develop the game, since we each have different things coming up.
But we greatly appretiate the feedback and the kind words you guys are getting out to us, aswell as the time invested to get your content out, it means the world to us!

Thank you all too. I look forward to playing another other projects that you may have in the future!

wow I loved this game


This is a very nice idea, I like the childlike perspective, and most of the mechanics are pretty cool.  It's got a lot of bugs though, and I reached a point I had no idea how to progress any further.  Don't touch the lego wall of death, the lamp sometimes will hide away where you can't see it at all, or it will be on the upper left side, in which it won't function right.  But I like it, it's cute and creepy, just needs some work.


Wow, Nice to see a game of the style witch big furntiure. The chest's scared the crap out of me. Well done