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A very interesting concept, and the themes of loneliness and isolation really do come through. I thought the voice acting was pretty good for the robot holograms (holobots? Haha!) that I encountered, and the whole thing was very nice to look at.

The glitches made things a little bit difficult to navigate at times though, and the item usage system is a bit off (auto-using items on things can make the gameplay a bit wonky!).

But don't for a second think I didn't enjoy the experience! I really did get sucked into this sandy futuristic dystopia for a little while, and there's some lovely little ideas in here. Keep up the good work! =)

Interesting, but the mouse is on the screen the whole time which is extremely distracting. I also "clip" through many of the walls. Another problem is the lack of direction, which I guess serves the purpose of feeling alone and excluded, but makes the experience much less user-friendly. 

Assuming that this is a work in progress I think there's potential here. You've got something going on with the aesthetic and I really wanted to keep exploring, but too much was lacking from a technical standpoint. Good luck going forward guys!

The concept is really cool. I was not able to progress past the bottle breaking, but the environments and potential story seem legitimately interesting. I can't wait to see a fully implemented inventory and other systems for the game.

Hi, the web version runs a bit slow on my machine. Would you like to make a downloable version for Windows please?


Hi, We are currently working on the page and the build. By tomorrow everything will be ready and a downloadable version will be available.